The Product

We all want to actively protect ourselves against the Corona Virus, but the appropriate tools are still missing. As a development engineer, I have thought about how to ensure the necessary distance between people. As a solution, I have developed a small electronic auxiliary device that measures the recommended distance to other people in public using a proximity sensor and gives a warning if it is undershot. We all know the selected measuring principle from the automatic entrance lighting. Here the house lighting switches on as soon as a person approaches the sensor.

Story & production approach

The aim of a real and realistic scene is to show that the Corona button helps to draw attention to short distances between people and has a warning function without becoming personal. The person who enters the protection zone of the button wearer is made aware of this by the Corona button and this helps them to maintain a safe distance.


how it works

Use your CDC button to protect yourself and other people from the Corona Virus. You will be warned in time with an optical and acoustic warning signal if the safety distance is too small and you can tell yourself or others to adjust the distance.

Attach the button to clothin

  • Attachment with safety pin

    Use this type of attachment as you are used to with conventional buttons. This guarantees a secure hold in all situations.

  • Magnetic attachment

    Use the enclosed neodymium magnet for sensitive clothing fabrics. The counter magnet is attached to the inside of the garment at the designated position. Attention! Highperformance magnets can e.g. Damage or delete credit cards!

Activate the button

There is a slide switch with three positions on the back of the CDC button. In the middle position, the CDC is switched off and does not consume battery energy.

  • Warning by light signal

    In the “LED” position, the LEDs built into the CDC flash three times in quick succession and signal you and the approaching person to increase the minimum distance to approx. 1.5 m.

  • Visual and acoustic warning

    In the “BUZZ” position, the LEDs built into the CDC flash three times in rapid succession and warning tones are also sounded. They signal you and the approaching person to increase the minimum distance to about 1.5m.

Yay! Done.

Now when ever you don’t know that you are in the crowd or surround with gathering and as per human tendency you forgot to get out of that because of Covid 19, alarm will help you out to move out from the area and yes with LED light, you can remind other person too to make a physical distancing between both the body.

The Benefits

NO Internet

NO App – NO Internet – NO RFID Chip

NO Internet

100% anonymous

NO Internet

detects only human proximity (PIR sensor)

NO Internet

at the recommended safety distance

NO Internet

LED + Buzzer signals

NO Internet

easy to attach wearable (needle and magnetic)

Technical Data


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to [email protected]

What is the project about?

These sensors measure the heat radiation in a defined radius or distance. In our application this is the recommended 1.5 to 2 meters. Our sensor is designed as a button to attach to clothing such as a shirt or blouse. The badge has the shape of the stop sign that we all know from road traffic. If another person enters our security area when the sensor is activated, a beep sounds and the button lights up red. As a result, both the wearer of the button and the approaching person are discreetly made aware of the need to increase the necessary safety distance – in the mutual interest.

What happens with the money if financing was successful?

I need financial resources to manufacture and approve this aid and I would like to ask for your support so that I can implement the project promptly. The sales proceeds minus the costs incurred are donated to various aid organizations. I will also distribute buttons among the donors, depending on the amount at which we reach the goal.

What are the goals and who is the target group?

The aim is to quickly implement a functional model of the “Corona Stopper Button” that has already been implemented and is being tested. This includes production preparation (printed circuit boards, housings) and the necessary UX test and CE tests and certifications.


Why should someone support this project?

We all want to protect ourselves as effectively as possible from the corona virus, and the warning device should make a qualified contribution to this.

CD2020i – Corona Distanz Keeper

CD2020integral ist die Einbauversion zur Nachrüstung von Plexiglas-Schutzpanels und Thekendisplays.

1. 65er Loch bohren
2. Batterien einlegen und Schutzfolie abziehen
3. CD2020i einsetzen und wahlweise Licht- oder Licht+Ton-Signal einschalten – FERTIG!
Individuelle Einstellung des geforderten Warnbereiches, je nach Anwendung, z.B. ab 1,5m Lichtsignal und unter 1m Tonsignal bei Thekendisplays.
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